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Basil's Legends in East Windsor

seal | Apr 12, 2008 04:41 PM

Well, after a few mentions in other posts, I figured I'd give this lamb chop grill restaurant a try. It's certainly easy to find - attached to the Days Inn where 33 meets the Turnpike.

The space is very nice and, if I didn't know I would never have guessed I was in the same building as a Days Inn.

Dinner got off to a good start with a nice, if expensive at $12, pomegranite martini kinda drink and a hot loaf of bread. Things progressed well with an order of Maple Horseradish wings. They were good and the sauce was different and tasty and also a good bargain at a dozen for $8.

Each entree comes with a choice of either soup or salad and I think I got the better choice with the soup. The salad was not bad, but the soup was a different take on the classic Greek lemon chicken broth. It had escarole, sausage, and chickpeas if maybe a little too much lemon.

So far so good, and had the meal ended there I would give Basil's a hearty recco. But the mains were yet to come. I had ordered the $35 American Rack of Lamb and my wife the house special Shrimp Liaison, or shrimp wrapped in bacon and then cooked. I was sooo looking forward to eating a lot of lamb chops and was hugely disappointed to find only three of them. They were good to be sure, but three chops is NOT a rack. As for the shrimp, they were a bit overdone. Even the sides weren't all that great with the creamed spinach the best of the bunch. I'd have gladly given up a side for another chop.

I think the way to go here may be to have some wings followed by the half pound bacon cheseburger or the souvlaki sandwich, both relative bargains. But I may have to start a Chowhound petition to ban the use of the word "rack" from any small order of ribs.

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