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Basil Vinegar

Basil vinegar, infusions & death


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Basil vinegar, infusions & death

Stanley Stephan | Jul 28, 2002 02:37 PM

I just made some basil vinegar. Is there any other liquid (not oil) that can make use of tons of summer basil? Spirits, wine, tea?

I'm not that much of a pesto fan. I like it in restaurants, but being no cook, I won't make it myself.

So again I looked in despair at all the basil I had after making my salad of fresh mozarella, tomatoes and basil salad. I used a basil infused oil I had and it hit me ... vinegar.

I found a few recipes on the web and for my first batch I tried the sun method ... clove of garlic, packed jar of basil ... fill with vinegar ... let sit on a sunny window sill for a few weeks. It currently looks stunning sitting on the window. If this works and I live, I may be selling this at a farmer's market.

Here's were the death part comes in. Can vinegar go bad? Is there anyway this could kill me. I live in San Francisco and sunny during the summer is hit and miss.

For the next batch I may try the boil the vingar, pour over basil and keep in the fridge method. Any thing interesting I could add besides basil?

But the big question is should I have any vinegar concerns?

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