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For my first Mets game this year I decided to try out the new Bash Burger stand, field level by left field. I hadn't decided before the game but was led there by my nose (and my hatred for ridiculously long lines a la Shake Shack). There are 3 burger choices, each $13. I decided to go for the Double Barrel, why not if it is twice the burger for the same price? Service was quick and friendly. At the condiment station I opened the package to find the burger wrapped in such a way as to make adding condiments nearly impossible so I grabbed packets of ketchup and mustard and headed back to my seat. I took a bite before adding anything and decided it was pretty tasty without. The fried onions on top had just started to go limp but were crunchy enough, the melted cheese and special sauce combined for a tasty but not overwhelming compliment to the thin beef patties which were juicy but not dripping. I was happy with the quality and satisfied with the amount of food. I even tried a little ketchup and mustard towards the end just to satisfy my curiosity but it only served to change the flavor profile without really enhancing it.

My friend liked what he saw and went to get one for himself. He went for the Classic and we discovered that the patty on that one was thicker so it was basically the same amount of beef as the Double Decker. He thought it was "restaurant quality" though he would have liked a little less of the bacon jam. Though we will always seek out new options at Citi Field, Bash Burger deserves a repeat visit.

Bash Burger, the new bite at Citi Field

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