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Our base congee recipe.

yimster | Sep 1, 200511:54 PM

yimster’s Basic congee recipe.

Bones of at least three chickens
One pound of lean boneless pork Boston butt
Two pounds of peeled and diced carrots
One pound of peeled and diced onions
Two stalks of celery diced
Two pounds of peeled and diced lo bak (Chinese turnips)
8 quarts of water
Some kosher salt not a lot but just a little for taste

Cook this combination for at least three hours, until the vegetables at cooked out. Pour off the stock and reserve. You may want to reserve the lean pork for later use. You will have a very nice stock. The reason I take this extra step is I do not want to lose the “flowered” grains of rice for the congee when I remove the bones and vegetables.

This stock can reserved for other use than just congee, it make a good start for “old fire soups” or Chinese double boil soup.

Place four cups of rice (using the little plastic cup that comes with your rice cooker or two measuring cup more if you want a thicker congee, it is easy to thin it out if it is too thick) in the bottom of a 6 quart stock pot. Wash the rice until the water runs clear. Coat the grains of rice with some cooking oil. Add two quarts of stock, a three inch piece of peeled ginger in one piece (it will make easy to remove later). Depending on what type of congee I want to end up with I will add the following, dried fish, dried scallops, fresh lean pork, dried cullet fish, or anything that will fit in favor to the final congee you want.. I will simmer for a couple of hours after it comes to a boil.

Once the congee is develop it creamy look and the grains of rice has “flowered” you will be ready make congee of your choice.

You can then have several ingredients ready to make several versions of congee. Minced beer, peeled shrimp, sliced fresh fish, pork liver, pork kidney, dried roasted peanuts, fried eggs, green onion, preserved vegetables, Dace fish balls, and so forth.

If was going to make beef congee. I would take the serving bowl and fill it ¾ full and then place the congee in a saucepan. Then I will being to boil the congee then add the raw beef and preserved vegetables and cook until the beef is just cooked. Return to the bowl and add green onion, fried bread, splash of sesame oil and soy sauce. Repeat the process for everyone else and it will seem you cooked for hours while everything is easy after you completed making the congee.

At many congee place like King Tin and Hing Lung if you stay long enough you will see the chef come from back kitchen with buckets of a basic congee for the front chef to make each serving of congee order.

I do freeze some of the leftover congee for a quick meal when I do not have time to cook.

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