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Bartender's Guide

KaimukiMan | Dec 29, 200912:56 PM

After 20 years of abstinence a good friend has started drinking, which coincides with him moving to a new condo. What with housewarming presents, bottles left behind at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a few evenings sitting on his lanai sipping various spirits he has built up a pretty decent bar in a short time. The thing is, after being a non drinker for two decades, he has no idea what to do with them.

Was hoping one of the afficionado's in here knows of a good basic bartender's guide that he can keep near his new aquistions. Sure, you can always go to the computer and google things, but thats not always the most convenient thing for a host to do in the middle of a party.

Also if anyone has some recommendations of what spirits "every" home liquor cabinet should have..... I know there was a list on chowhound before, but somehow I haven't been able to find the link.

Thanks, and happy new year to all.


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