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Bartender Etiquette - Dining Solo at the Bar


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Bartender Etiquette - Dining Solo at the Bar

uws foodie gal | Apr 17, 2010 05:48 PM

I frequently dine solo at bars at upscale restaurants after work. The last few times I have been asked mid-meal to "slide down" to make room for other customers. I usually do not mind provided that they are dining at the bar and not just stopping by for a sole cocktail. The other night there were 2 seats open to my left and 2 to my right and I was asked mid entree to slide down to make room for a foursome who were just waiting for a table that would be available in 20 minutes. Given that there was adequate room for 2 of them to sit and 2 to stand comfortably on either side of me, my question is was it acceptable for the bartender to have asked me to slide down? Would the answer be different depending on the amount of money that I was spending on the meal (and how much would I have had to spend to make it not ok)? Servers would never ask a twosome at a 4 top to move in the middle of eating an entry just because a party of 4 happened to walk in....

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