Libranflight | Jan 24, 201906:58 PM     69

Was just trying to figure out, what I would have to have to make everything perfectly, without having any extra cookware to store.

Anybody know what a "bare bones' set would look like? I am meaning to go beyond the "desert island" criteria. Okay to have more than that, in this scenario.

I think kaleo said something about getting a copper saucepan, if you actually make sauces. That was food for thought, but for me, I actually use two of my 3 windsor pots often, and I don't make a lot of sauces. I was working so much, I was using them to cook down jarred sauces that were too watery, and also even for gourmet top ramen (add veggies, meat and an egg float). Tastes good when you are tired and starving. My mom uses them to reheat food often also. The tin is now pretty dark grey. The biggest one, I have not used as much. Oh, and I would also use the smaller to make a nicely round fried egg, the slant would make it easy to get out and turn over.

I think for eggs, I would go with the Stanish omelet pan, but feel I would still need nonstick for tocino, which is sugary.

And I am not sure what the best pan is for potatoes yet, I feel like stainless would bomb. Or at least is has, anytime I have tried. I used cast iron this morning, but had to do a lot of turning and witnessed the unevenness. I am betting the Griswold would make for a great deep dish pizza pan.

I would like to try copper for potatoes, but I am worried about the stainless lining, does tin fare better with potatoes? I am speaking of the cubed russet potatoes that you cook in oil, not deep fry, but there is a bit of oil involved. Russets seem to soak up oil. I did okay this morning in the Griswold with filtered bacon fat, I would like to try copper but feel at some point the potatoes will stick to the stainless lining.

I have a tin lined sauté coming, but not until next week.

Should I try the same recipe in an AUS-ION skillet tomorrow instead? I just have this feeling that stainless will never be good for eggs or potatoes.

What can a pomme anna stand in for? a rondeau, a braiser and a saute? I do not have one, just feel it looks multi-purpose.

Prolines rock for searing, but tried eggs once, unbelievably hard to get eggs off. What a huge mistake that was.

I have problems with decisions, because I am always evolving. I get bored easy, always looking for new recipes. Tomorrow it will be moroccan baked eggs for the first time. I have gotten rid of things in the past, and regretted it. Not regretting everything I moved along, but some. This makes me fearful. Because I am always trying new things, I am not positive what I will need next week.

Which seems silly, aren't really small kitchens the norm in France?

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