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Belkisw | Mar 1, 202009:55 AM    

Having had some time back in Barcelona, I am updating the following list of my top places in town https://www.chowhound.com/post/barcel... adding some new ones:

Direkte Boqueria- 60 Euro for an incredible 10 course + 2 dessert tasting menu... I would say that 80% of the courses knocked it out of the park, and a few less so, but were still technically perfect and all packed a punch, and were highly creative. As I had the last bite of dessert (as the diner next to be called it, the best fucking cheese dessert in all of Barcelona and I would heartily agree) I was already figuring out when I could come again. This place is WOW.

My Fucking Restaurant- we got the larger tasting menu and the starters were fantastic, but all came at around the same time- better if you ask them to stagger the service. The main proteins were less good, not the prep but the quality of the steak, etc. I think the issue is that they want to keep the tasting menu at 45 euro so can’t afford the best cuts, which is a shame because I would love to pay more and really get to see them preparing what they want to. All in all, an excellent meal and it still blowes my mind how cheap it is.

Berbena- I love what the chefs are doing here, simple, homey, and using excellent seasonal produce to make some kick ass food. Strongly recommend it, and the wines they serve are fabulous. I have been twice and would go again in a heartbeat. Do book, the websites that say they don't take reservations are wrong, and it gets booked up.

Koy Shunka- We had the longer tasting menu, which had very little sushi/sashimi save for the tuna course. Instead the menu covers a broad aray of Japanese cuisine, including a ramen course, tempura, and wagyu. Technically most was very good (save for the wagyu which actually should have been cooked more to melt the fat more, something we learned from the expert chefs in Japan), with an incredible well-prepared lobster course that stands out in my mind. Having now eaten at Dos Palillos, Pakta, Somodo, I would say this definitely wins as the best Japanese food in town, though I wish there was more sushi and sashimi included in the menu.

Xavier Pellicer- the chef here loves vegetables and handles them with real love and sophistication. There were one or two dishes that were a miss for me, but the rest very good, and one or two excellent with me still dreaming about them a month later.

La Pachuca- legit Mexican tacos and excellent Mezcal selection. Everything could have used more heat, but they brought some good hotsauces to the table. Very solid.
Fismuler- I know there is a lot of hype around this place, but it confuses me. We let the waiter recommend the dishes to order, maybe that was a mistake? I think out of the 8 dishes, I only really loved one of the mains. The dessert though, and I cannot for the lif of me remember what it was, was bonkers good. 

Martinez - this is a lovely lunch spot. Their rice dishes are quite salty though, not the most balanced I have had. But still yummy.

Bodega Amposta- this place is one of my favourite tapas places in the city, incredibly high quality everything. 

Arume- the duck paella is one of the best rice dishes I have ever had!

Els Casals outside of Barcelona- we got the terra tasting menu. The food was good, with some incredible dishes in the mix, but almost every single dish (practically all but one of the mains) was pork, and also almost every dish was covered in truffles. While it is nice for the first few bites, I did wish I was getting a bit more diversity. One person at our table doesn't eat pork, and I was jealous of some of her bites. The wines they suggested to us were all incredibly good- some of the best bottles I have had in a long time. 

direkte boqueria
My Fucking Restaurant
Koy Shunka
Restaurant Xavier Pellicer
La Pachuca
Arume Restaurant
Els Casals
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