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Barbequed bologna


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Barbequed bologna

Betty | Apr 7, 2000 10:52 AM

Ok Steve, anybody who's had q'd bologna has most definitely been to OK. "still thinking about it" -good or bad? (how long it took to get the smell out of your clothes may be another story)

I'm guessing it was Jamil's? In a little house on Lincoln Blvd? I can explain, sort of. Most of the older 'q & steak places all over central OK were started by Lebanese families -even the rural ones. Their menus always include bologna. I was out of college and just arrived in Chapel Hill NC when I realized everybody didn't serve hummous, tabouli and cabbage rolls with 'q. Instant Okie culture shock. (thankfully Allen & Sons was there to ease the transition)

Even my hometown hickory pit in the ex-Dairy Queen with the auto racing decor and "gimmie caps" hung all over the ceiling has q'd bologna and tabouli on the menu.

If you remember that everybody in central OK showed up the same day, such things make more sense.

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