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Bill | Mar 7, 2002 08:29 AM

I was having a conversation with a group of people out to dinner - a mix of singles, from mid-30's to mid-40's - about (what else ?) being single in the city these days. Among various threads was the strongly-voiced, mostly female opinion that, "by their 30's, single people aren't meeting in bars -- and those that do are looking for something immediate and temporary." There's still a lively "meet" (or "meat"?) scene, they said, among those in their 20's -- and plenty of bar/restaurants catering to this scene. But for those of us in our 30's/40's/50's, "bars are at the front of the nice restaurant where we meet our friends before sitting down to a meal."

Are they right ?

Granted, we all know that bars are hardly the ideal place to try to meet people, no matter the age -- so can we leave those admonishments out of this thread? But, like any Chowhound, I love the restuarant scene and the bars of these places are often more interesting to eat (and hang in) than the dining room, especially alone.

So: If an "older" bar scene -- where there are as many single people as there are couples -- DOES exist, is it happening at certain, restaurant's bars -- "Gramercy Tavern", "Town", etc --the more upscale places ? Is it about neighborhoods -- the obvious polarity of the E. Village vs. the U.E.S. ? Is it all about weeknights vs.
weekends ? Do you have specific recommendations ? Or is it totally hit and miss ?

I hope this topic won't seem salacious or sleazy or offend. I'm sure there are lots of folks wondering the same.


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