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Bar Corvo - dissapointing all around


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Bar Corvo - dissapointing all around

secondbecky | Jul 16, 2012 01:17 PM

I was so excited to try Bar Corvo because I love Al Di La, but Corvo was just NOT worth the hassle.

I went with three girlfriends around 7:00 on a Saturday night, including one who owns a restaurant herself (and the rest of us have all worked in restaurants/bars for quite a substantial amount of time). We were fine if we had to wait for a table.

We walk in past the open kitchen to the beginning of the dining room, expecting someone to acknolwedge us, take our name, etc. Nope, no host/ hostess to be seen. No acknowledgment from the wait staff at all, not one person even saying "someone with be with you in one second." We had no idea where we were even supposed to wait. This went on for FIVE minutes, I kid you not. I finally went over the bartender who just gruffed "Just stand in the corner by the entrance to the dining room and the host will be with you."

I know why she was gruff. They are seriously understaffed. My restauranteur friend said that if her hostess had done this, she'd be fired.

Finally, after another couple of minutes, the host comes over, and we are seated within 10 minutes. I'll forgive the place for being hot as balls because it's the summer and they do have an open kitchen. (I never understood the appeal of an open kitchen, but hey, to each their own).

Our waiter comes by pretty promptly, I'll give him that. We order waters for the table (for the three of us eating) and one glass of wine (for the one drinking). The wine took about 5 minutes to come. Bad start. We were so thirsty because of the heat that we chugged that one bottle of water quickly. Couldn't even think about alcohol when I was that thirsty. Asked for another bottle, it did not come.

We order the cauliflower appetizer, the pork, the steak, and a pasta dish.

The waiter could have told us that the cauliflower appetizer was a portion for 1/2 of a person, not the three of us who were eating. Well, at least we each got to taste it. Now, when a dish has fried capers in it, is there really a need to coat the cauliflower with that much salt? Oh my it was so salty. And, as I said, we had run out of water. I asked our waiter for more, again, when I finally caught his attention. Five minutes later, still no water. Asked the host for water when I finally caught HIS attention. 2 minutes later, finally we get water. Our entrees took forever to come out of the kitchen. The bartender was running around like a crazy lady with just way too much on her plate.

Entrees were blah. The ravioli with poached egg sounded like such a winner but it really had no kick to it. nothing special. The pork chop was the same.

We asked for dessert menu in hopes that the place would redeem itself. One dessert offered, panna cotta, which I hear is pretty good, but why only ONE choice?

Asked for the check, and that took another five minutes or so. I didn't even look at the bill, I just handed my credit card because I did not want to have to wait for him to come back, again.

Even though the problems were more service based because they are seriously understaffed and/or undertrained, I probably wont go back because the food was just not up to expectations, especially when compared to Al Di La.

Anyone have a better or worse experience?

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