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U.S. ban on funding horse meat inspection to be lifted

LindaWhit | Nov 30, 201110:34 AM

(I know this is a VERY hot topic - so please, let's be civil to each other?)



The *sale* of horse meat would still be on a state-by-state basis, but the actual slaughter for human consumption and the federal inspection process could be up and running very quickly.

I honestly don't think I know how to feel about this ban being lifted. People who have horses have been surrendering them to shelters because they can no longer afford the upkeep. A local shelter from which I just adopted two cats has a HUGE barn where they have about 35 horses awaiting adoption. I recall reading a story last year where they were full up and couldn't take any more. Would opening up slaughterhouses open up the possibility that a beautiful animal in its prime would be sold for slaughter instead of brought to an adoption center? Probably.

I know horse meat is eaten all over the world; I'm not sure I could do so.

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