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Baking stone, why do you like yours?

Joyfull | Mar 23, 2012 03:02 PM

Hello all

I've just used a baking stone for the first time, (bread) but am not too impressed with how they work.

I have a double wall over & used my usual heavy duty sheet pan in my top oven for two loaves, & used the baking stone in the lower oven for a single loaf.. The stone was put in the oven to preheat for 1 hr before baking the bread.
My oven temps are spot on as I check them regularly to make sure they are, so no problem there.

The bread in my top oven ( I used the convect option) baked up great as usual, nice golden crust, at the normal amount of baking time. The loaf in my lower oven ( bake option only ) on the baking stone, took 15 minutes longer to develope a nice golden crust and be fully baked, even though the oven temp of the lower oven is always set higher since it's bake option only. The loaf on the baking stone also burst out from the side where the dough meets with the stone. I have no idea why that happened?

I purchased two, 32 cm rectangular baking stones. I've read so much about them on blogs and baking sites such as this one, so thought I should get with it and join the baking stone lovers.

My stones are probably not the best on the market, ( they're made in China), but I wasn't about to pay more than the $30 each,plus tax, they were on sale for, since I'd never used one.

I know I should probably experiment with oven temps if I'm going to continue using the stones, but it almost seems like a waste of time even bothering with them, when my sheet pans have done the job so well.

I'm wondering if I might have pre-heated the stone too long? Then again, I'm also thinking no I didn't, because of the bread taking 15 minutes longer to bake than the bread in my top oven.

So, a question for all you baking stone lovers out there.. Clue me in on why I should be loving my new baking stones, but do not.


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