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Baking Potatoes - Yet another shelf life question


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Baking Potatoes - Yet another shelf life question

bk | Oct 10, 2004 03:45 PM

Is there any reason why organic baking potatoes would have a longer shelf life than ordinary baking potatoes?

Here's what caused my confusion

Usually I would buy 1 or 2 regular baking (russet) potatoes from the supermarket storage bin with the intent to use them soon thereafter. fwiw, I always pick potatoes from the bin that are firm and show no sprouts or other obvious defects.

The potatoes are then stored in a dark cabinet and I ALWAYS found that if they weren't used in about a week, sprouts began to form or some other form of aging was evident.

Ok, around 2 months ago or maybe even lomger, I bought a bag of organic baking potatoes from Whole Foods. I took them out of the plastic bag and stored them exactly as I would the regular non-organic ones.

Thing is even today the organic potatoes look and taste no different than the day they were bought oh so long ago. There is absolutely no sign of aging or sprouts or anything that would hint of spoilage or degradation in quality.

Can anyone offer up an explanation? Does the organic factor in? Did I just got lucky with my first bag of organic potatoes and or the supermarket where I usually shop just sell sucky potatoes?

Inquiring minds want too know...and thank you

that would indicate

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