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Baking Macarons - Egg Beaters whites?


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Baking Macarons - Egg Beaters whites?

Bob Loblaw | Jul 14, 2008 01:50 PM

Hello All -
I've just started trying my hand at baking my own Macarons. I've been eating these for ages, but they always seemed too complicated to make on my own... (or at least, expensive enough that they must be complicated!)

After one batch, it's clear that it's going to take a few batches before I really get them down, and then a bunch more before I'm tired of eating them!

Thing is, they're meringue based. So they take egg whites, but not yolks. And while I do a few things that call for only yolks, there's no way that my yolk consumption could keep up with my whites connsumption. So I could just throw out the yolks. But that seems wasteful.

But the ingredients for Egg Beaters- "ingredients: egg whites" - seems quite promising.

Have people baked with them? Made meringues? Macarons? If so, success? Any tips on how to use them/how not to use them?


EDIT: Turns out the product I was looking at was "Egg Beaters Whites" not the normal egg beaters.

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