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rchlst | Mar 12, 201509:18 AM     17

Hi everyone!

I love making bread but can never find the time (with little ones) to go through the full process and let something rise and then bake.

I have some questions and thank you in advance for any advice!!

1) Is it possible to go through the full process and then partially bake the bread and then freeze it? Then when i want to eat it, i would unfreeze and finish baking it? If so, what do i need to know about doing this?
2) I remember finding tips online about how to know when you kneeded dough enough and when it has risen enough.

For kneeding, i think it was to stretch the dough super thin and if you can get it transparent without breaking, then it's ready. Is that correct? How do i know if i under kneeded it vs over kneeded it?

For rising, i think the tip was to push down with your finder 2-3 inches. If the hole remains, it's ready, if it doesn't then you need to let it rise more before shaping. is this correct? How do i know if it needs more time vs having risen for too long?

Thanks in advance for the help!! I can't wait to make bread again and i'm hoping i can make a big batch and partially bake it!

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