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bigheaded | Apr 14, 201902:08 AM     4

So, I decided to try a hamburger bun recipe I saw on a YT video. I've make dough before for different things. To varying success. I linked to his video, but here's the recipe

Flour (463g)
Yeast (14g)
Sugar (31g)
Nido (30g)
Salt (9g)
Melted Butter (41g)
Lukewarm Water (220g)
One Large Egg

Now I didn't have AP flour, which he used so I used bread flour. And I'm too cheap to buy Nido (baby formula powder) but I wanted to try and keep the recipe close to his. So I used some powdered non-fat milk I bought for some loaves of bread I use to make. I weighed everything on my scale and mixed it in my stand mixer for about 4 minutes. I did Google to see what maybe I was doing wrong. But I don't know what I'm trying to ask exactly so I came up empty. Any ways, the consistency of the dough looked really close to that in the video. I put some oil in a bowl, put it in and let it sit covered for about 2 hours.

It doubled in size, and I mushed it out into a flat rectangle and cut it into 6 pieces. It was slightly tacky, but didn't stick to my hand or cutting board. My problem came when I was trying to roll them into smooth balls. In the past I've encountered this, and no matter how many times I tried today, I couldn't get a seamless ball - not sure that's the term I'm looking for. There were gaps that I couldn't get to come together. I didn't want to overwork the dough, and I was getting a bit frustrated. So I left them as is and baked them. Now I've never made these so I don't know how they're suppose to taste. But to me they were really good taste and texture wise. I just really want them to look like they do in his video. Due to all the seams mine didn't have that nice uniform crust all the way around. Mine had spots of nice brown crust and spots where the splits in the dough were that were just pale and uneven. I used his 2nd technique on the video of forming a ball in the hand and folding the bottom in a bit then putting it on a cutting board and rolling it into a tighter ball.

The dough didn't seem too moist or too dry, but there has to be something I'm doing wrong. This isn't the 1st recipe where I've gotten these results either. I know what I'm saying's probably hard to follow, but if any bakers out there have any suggestions I'm all ears. Also, was substituting the powdered milk for the baby formula something I should have done? I'm going to make another batch tomorrow and hope to not screw them up again lol.

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