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Baker's Dozen Chocolate ganache tasting notes-long


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Baker's Dozen Chocolate ganache tasting notes-long

Rochelle | Sep 18, 2002 12:34 PM

we have a baker's dozen group fashioned after the one begun by flo braker and her croonies and i've been meaning to post about our results thinking they might be interesting to read about, so here are our notes, in rough form, from the night we tasted more ganache than we thought possible. we had it plain, with tart dough cookies and with shortbread.

we meet once a month on tues. evenings and have been on an ingredient kick, although we have done a few other things as well which i'll report back to you on as time allows.

so, onto chocolate. it was interesting to taste chocolates that ranged in price from $1.50 for 14 oz to $17 a pound and find that our two favorites, karen's bittersweet valhrona and gordon's bittersweet pride of belgium were at completely opposite ends of the monetary scale.

we tasted from lightest to darkest and here are our comments:

callebaut white chocolate

jeff thought this tasted just like the inside of a cadbury egg and i had to agree with him
it was quite sweet, tho less than eating just a piece of it
would make good oreo filling or filling in a multi layered cake with other types of ganache as well
not as full of parafin as some types of white chocolate

callebaut semisweet

this recipe may have turned out differently had the directions been followed, it seperated and more cream needed to be added to bring it back together. it may also have been a result of over saturation of fat
fudgy consistency
good filling for a sandwich cookie
slightly waxy mouthfeel
light chocolate flavor
a little sweet
good texture
overall a good recipe as adjusted

swiss felchlin guianduja (hazelnut)

more flavorful than the first two
"very tasty"
slightly sour front note, possibly from the frangelico
jeanne thought it would be excellent eaten with a spoon
lambert would like to eat it as a filling for boston cream pie
it would also make a nice cake filling
rich, but not overwhelming

valhrona bittersweet mocha

bitter from the espresso powder, cutting down the amount would be something to remember in the future
jeanne would use this as a truffle filling

valhrona bittersweet $16-17 #

beautifully smooth
fluffy consistency
karen uses this as the interior for the molten chocolate cakes she makes at firefly
excellent flavor
made with manufacturer's cream

ghirardelli and godiva

also made with manufacturer's cream
caramely from the large amount of butter it was made with
nice finish
thin, but unrefrigerated
smooth finish

prestige of belgium $1.50 for 14 oz

beautifully shiny
slight flavor of grand marnier
medium density
medium density
definitely would use this, especially for the money!

nice sheen
beautiful scent of cinnamon
chocolate flavors lost to the overpowering cinnamon, sat in the back of the mouth
slightly sugary

droste dutch process cocoa

intensely chocolate
pudding-like consistency
good for it's intended purpose of filling a dense chocolate cake, "black out cake"

sharfenburger 70% cocoa

bitter but not unpleasant
good texture
medium brown color
really nice as truffle filling

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