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Baked spuds: To poke or not to poke?

Cady | Feb 4, 201206:03 PM

My husband was just throwing some oil-coated bakers in the oven, and I asked him if he'd poked them. He hadn't yet, and then did so, then asked me, "Isn't that an old wives tale? Isn't only for microwaves or..."

The first time I learned about poking holes in potatoes before baking was long before I'd ever heard of a microwave, but that doesn't really mean anything.

I tried a search of the web in general and a search of Chowhounds, and couldn't find anything definitive.

In a microwave, the exploding potato story sort of makes sense. But in a conventional oven? Does anyone know?

I do it because that's what my Mom taught me. (Keep in mind, though, like the "cutting the ends of the ham" story, I thought you were supposed to cut the ends off the potatoes before baking because my Mom always did...and years later realized it was because she always bought #2 potatoes, and the ends were...questionable. I learned the poking thing from the same person.)

(Feel free to steer me toward an appropriate Chowhounds post if it exists. I couldn't find it on search.)



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