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Baked salmon - to wrap or not to wrap...in foil?


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Baked salmon - to wrap or not to wrap...in foil?

fldhkybnva | Mar 13, 2013 02:42 PM

I have been having a recent issue with my baked salmon much longer than I'd expect. For an inch thickness at 375-400F I'd expect about 10 minutes, but it usually requires 18 minutes and it's not overcooked at all. I plan to check my oven temperature, but nothing else cooks so slowly so I think it might be that perhaps my timing is off. I usually do it wrapped in foil, I am just wondering if you would expect the baking time to be longer than if you just plopped it into a dish or baking sheet. My mom used to always wrap it as I assume that keeps helps keeps it moist and the flavors from whatever is in the foil can meld together but perhaps I don't need it. Do you wrap or not wrap and is there any particular reason why?

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