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Bake? Convection Bake? Convection Roast? Decisions, decisions!

nofunlatte | Mar 19, 2015 11:07 AM

I'm the proud owner of a newly remodeled kitchen (mostly)--new cabinets, new lighting, new floors, widened opening, new countertop, new door, new island, and, of course, new appliances (except the refrigerator, which I kept). So, I've gone from a cheap electric coil range installed by the previous owner of the house (and which I've been using more or less successfully for 10 years) to a more powerful gas range. Well, stove-wise I'm learning to cook with increased power/output (hey, power burner, I'm looking at you!)

Anyway, I've not had convection anything before (excluding clouds and thunderstorms), so what would I use for, say, roasting a chicken? Regular bake or convection roast? How about a Dutch-ovened stew that's braising in the oven? I assume I don't use the convection setting for anything delicate like a souffle.

TIA, 'hounds, for your help. I've admired the kitchen enough for the past week so now I'm ready to get it dirty!

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