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I don't bake because?

Rella | Nov 12, 201102:51 PM

I don't bake because:

I read a recipe and what do I see: same ole' thing:

1 cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour, .... I just can't "do" these ingredients.

I keep purchasing baking books, but all I really bake is some kind of a fruit pie/crisp and a seldom biscotti (once a year?) and artisan bread (lately only NYT no knead) or pizza. DH has lately laid off the flour, so I'm just about out of the baking business.

I know that I am not completely happy with OTC bakery products such as I can find at places like Wegmans or Panera, so I will occasionally purchase a pan e chocolate or a deep- chocolate muffin, while DH will purchase a Napoleon - this is seldom.

Are there any chowhounds that feel similar?

Or what's your reason you don't bake?

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