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A bag of BS!


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A bag of BS!

purple goddess | Aug 6, 2008 11:08 PM

Those of you who know me from other boards will be familiar with my nemesis...

The Brussel(s) Sprout.

I have previously described this vegetable as "The Spawn Of Satan"... and that was when I was feeling charitable. A darling friend , keeps offering to cook them for me, in a way that she assures me, will convert me... Something to do with bacon and chestnuts

I am skeptical.

So, to my dilemma...

I work with the lovely M... who just this minute has presented my with a HUGE bag of BS.

They're in season at the mo. They were grown organically in a friend of hers' garden.

So now what?

I can barely look at the bag, as it brings back memories of Mater Beige and sprouts roil boiled for 30 mins in water with a little bicarb added (To keep the colour)

Even Fritz, my trusty childhood dachshund, wouldn't eat them if I dropped them, surreptitiously on the floor!

Dinner tonight was going to be lime glazed chicken wings, with jasmine rice.

Any suggestions for what do do with a bag of BS?

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