badly double-burnt pot problem


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badly double-burnt pot problem

leeau | Dec 11, 2006 04:03 PM

My mom got me an IKEA/365+ pot with steamer insert (both stainless steel). While steaming my chestnuts, I let the water completely boil off and the inside and some part of outside of the pot got burnt soot-black.

After trying many ways, it seemed like baking soda + water paste was working better than any. I liberally covered the burnt inside with the paste, and because I thought heat would speed up the process, put the pot on weaker heat.

But alas, I forgot about it again!

When I ran into the kitchen, the pot was again very very hot, and filled with dry baking soda. I noticed some of the bottom parts had turned SHINY like brass, with bright brown color and and some touches of GREEN hue.
After I washed the pot off cursing my carelessness, the initial blacks came off, but the bottom is now blotchy with dark brown spots and some shiny black parts. There is also a greenish black ring left on the side.

What have I done? I am worried that the pot is no longer safe to use. Should I just get a new pot? Should I consult a chemistry forum board?
This is my only pot and my yams, corns and sweet potatoes have been waiting for a long time now.. please help if you have any idea. Thank you!

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