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Bad taste in my mouth from the Chef's behavior-Fabulous food! (Long)

ScarlettNola | Jan 6, 201007:47 AM

We recently were home in New Orleans for the holidays and decided to try a restaurant that everyone absolutely raves about. I have heard nothing but positive feedback about the excellent food and wonderful dining experience. This restaurant is in the mid-price point and serves local, casual fare. My husband and I are both avid foodies and adventurous eaters and dine in numerous 5 star restaurants throughout the country. We will eat anything-with the exception of his one dislike---Stilton Cheese! When reviewing the menu, we came across 3 salads. A wedge salad with a stilton cheese dressing, a snap pea salad with a rasberry vinagarette, and a beet salad with a balsalmic dressing. I chose the beet salad, and he chose the Wedge, but requested the raspberry vinagarette in lieu of the stilton. The waiter came back to our table a few minutes later and stated that the chef requested that my husband order the snap pea salad if he wished for the rasberry dressing and that he would not put that particular dressing on the wedge. We were both floored and my husband asked them to put the stilton on the side and to send out an oil and vinegar mix. The salads came out, with stilton dressing on side, but no oil and vinegar. Waiter again stated that the chef would only servce the stilton with the wedge salad. What do you say at this point? The waiter apologized about chef's behavior, and a few minutes later all of the waiters had a 10 minute powwow about the fact that my husband would not eat the stilton. I found this very odd and although our entrees were outstanding, (some of the best we have had) Im not sure how to handle this. The chef is the owner of the restaurant, and I thought about dropping an email discussing our experience. I understand the temperment and creativity that goes into a meal of this caliber, but IMO a dressing exchange was certainly not worth this odd and very embarrassing exchange that took place. How would you handle this? Would you contact the GM, the chef directly, or post reviews about this on dining websites? I was at a loss and so dissapointed as we loved the place other than the chef's behavior. Were we out of line here?

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