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Bad service at Campanile -- what would you do?

madop | Aug 21, 200901:44 PM

I have always wanted to go to grilled cheese night at Campanile, and last night was the night. Finally! I was so excited. We arrived before the doors opened at 6, got a nice table near the fountain, and then things went downhill, kind of.

It took awhile for the waitress to take our order, probably 10 to 15 minutes, but after we had our menus closed and were sitting there, obviously waiting for her to come back. We put in our order (salad, sandwiches and drinks) and asked if the sandwiches came with fries. She said they didn't so we asked for an order of fries. The salad arrived pretty quickly and it was the best salad that I have had, maybe in my life. The bib lettuce was so fresh, the herbs added an incredible freshness and it was dressed perfectly. I was in heaven. Still no drinks (beer for my husband and wine for me.) The salad was cleared.

About 10 or 15 minutes later after the salad had been cleared, my husband's beer was delivered. Still no wine for me. After waiting for quite awhile, and after realizing that the beer was enough for 2 (it was a belgian beer in a wine sized bottle) the waitress stopped by and I told her that if my wine had not already been poured, to please skip it and just bring me a glass so that I could share the beer. She apologized and said she'd forgotten my wine, but brought a beer glass propmptly.

Then we waited, and waited, and asked where our food was (very politely) and waited some more. Our sandwiches were finally brought to the table at 7:15, a full hour after we'd ordered them. This was after being told that our food would be out "momentarily" for 20 to 30 minutes. The server apologized. The front of the house manager on duty last night apologized twice. My sandwich (the Sevillana) and my husband's (classic with grilled onions and mustard) were perfect. We found out at some point that the sandwiches actually do come with fries, so those were served in abasket. We also got more salad with our sandwiches, which was unnecessary. However, my daughter's classic sandwich was burnt. It wasn't terible, but it was enought that it was very dark and had that burnt taste to me. May daughter was eating the other half though, so I just let it go. But, a $15 grilled cheese that takes an hour to make is burnt? Argh.

We were curious if they would offer anything in addition to the apologizes and thanking us for our patience (we were not at any time rude). The waitress offered us complementary dessert, which we took to go. They did not discount our bill at all.

I love Campanile and the food was fabulous. I will still go back, just a bad night on the service front. But..I'm curious what you would have done? Should they have comped us on our meal (not the whoel thing, but not charged us for one sandwich or something)? Is there some sort of standard? I must say I was surprised that they didn't offer anymore than dessert but didn't feel strongly enough to talk to the manager last night. So thought I'd put it out there to get your opinion.

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