Bad experience at Shallot's


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Bad experience at Shallot's

RachelMolly | Jul 20, 2003 10:39 PM

I had been wanting to try Shallot's for quite a while and found the perfect opportunity - my mom's birthday.

I am glad that she enjoyed her meal - a steak sandwich. However, my sister and I both ordered the "express lunch." It came with a choice of 2 out of 3 courses (pick 2 from: appetizer, entree, dessert). Since we were ordering a dessert for mom, we chose the same thing: appetizer - a mixed greens salad. And entree - it was called "salmon frites."

What would you expect salmon frites to be?

I would expect a lunch-sized piece of salmon and side of frites.

What did I get:

A baby spinach salad with 8 - yes I counted them - mini fries mixed in with about 2 oz worth of chopped up grilled salmon thrown in.

Had I wanted 2 salads I would have ordered it! THe money wasn't the issue - I could have ordered an entree from the standard menu and been happy. The menu was completely misleading, and all the waitress could tell us was that it was a lunch sized portion and we should expect to get a smaller amount of fish (2 oz???).

The disappointing part of it all - when we asked to speak with the maitre d or manager, no luck. The very kind waitress said they were too busy. What? We were the first ones in the restaurant at 11:55am on a Wednesday, and even when the lunch crowd came in, the restaurant was not full. Shame on the Shallot's manager Abbie for not coming out to speak with us.

I was told to write a note to the manager. Would ever such an experience happen at a fine traif restaurant? I don't think so.

When sister - who waitresses in a nice restaurant - said to me, "Well, they should at least express their regret, offer to take something off the bill or replace our order," I said, "nah, that's just typical of a Kosher restaurant."

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