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bad/don't buy this soup/better recipe


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bad/don't buy this soup/better recipe

Amy B. | Apr 9, 2003 09:31 PM

I am finally fed up in a bad way after being seduced twice by Whole Foods 365 brand fancy boxed cream soups. The cream of acorn squash and the cream of broccoli taste like what? The cane syrup which is their second ingredient. This is like insipid dessert for soup. I can't believe I fell for it two times, wanting simply some creamy good vegetable soup and lacking a blender. Here's what I'm lusting for:

saute a little onion and garlic and celery in butter. Prepare your vegetable of choice--carrots are especially good, broccoli, spinach, other greens, leeks, whatever. Rutabaga, I don't care or what Whole Foods so completely messed up -- perfectly good acorn squash. Cook it.

Throw it all in a blender with about 1 part veggies to 1/2 part chicken stock and 1/2 part half and half or heavy cream if you like really creamy and add appropriate herbs salt pepper--a little curry is good in the carrot version. Sherry with the spinach. You can do it with cucumber and dill and not cook at all. Heat it back up and eat--Creamy vegetable soup nirvana unlike the boxed horror.

That's it, I'm done venting, but don't buy it whatever you do. Soon I just must remember to get a blender ... (really mashing it all up with a potato masher or fork isn't the same although I've certainly tried it.)

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