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Bad beer trends.

knucklesandwich | Apr 13, 201201:43 PM

Beer in the US has improved a lot, but the diversification of beer culture has resulted in some disturbing trends.

Bad trend #1: too many choices. Bars with fewer than, say, 20 stools should be limited to 3, maybe 4 kinds of draft, maximum. Bars routinely offer a plethora of selections, almost all of which pass their prime before they can be served. This is unfair to conscientious brewers, and turns decent beer into flat old swill.

Bad trend #2: IPA. This stuff is swill at conception, and became obsolete with the advent of modern refrigeration. Brits don't drink it. Indians never did. It smells bad. There's a reason pilsner became the world's favorite beer in the 19th century.

Bad trend #3: Guinness Stout. It's a watery, dark brown industrial product that dates back to the 50s. It shares the name of the traditional stout that preceded it (and which is now known as Extra Stout), but it has none of the flavor, very little alcohol, nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide, and a slippery, slurpy texture that can only be achieved in a huge factory. How did this catch on?


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