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Bacon Salt - Kashrut reliability?

aivri | Mar 14, 2008 08:54 AM

There was a bit of publicity last year about the release of "Bacon Salt". Its makers claim that it "is a zero calorie, vegetarian, kosher certified seasoning salt that makes everything taste like real bacon". The kashrut is Square K. The ingredients include, in their words, "natural and artificial flavors (contains milk)". The fact that the ingredients include milk-based flavor components and the hashgacha doesn't say that it's milkhic concerns me (though, in theory, it could be less than relevant amounts). I want to buy/use this stuff, but can't without some reassurance. Questions for this forum: Anyone know anything about this hechsher? Is it reliable? From what I can find online, the rav hamachshir is Rabbi Moshe Londinski, in Seattle, Washington. Does anyone have any info on him or Square K? Thanks.

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