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Bacon grease


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Bacon grease

Felila | Jul 10, 2013 10:40 PM

One of my roomies is on a bacon binge. I've been cooking bacon too -- I like bacon bits in my green pea salads, so I fry up a whole pound of bacon and freeze the crispy bits. We have been making a lot of bacon grease.

We're not supposed to pour it down the drain, as it clogs the condo drains. We've been pouring the grease into a jar on the kitchen counter, then throwing out the jar when it's full. I wrap it in paper towels, two plastic bags, and put it in the condo dumpster.

I don't like doing that either; a lot of the grease stays liquid, and the jar will doubtless break when the garbage is picked up, drenching everything in grease. It is true that it will go to a garbage-to-energy plant, but still ...

Does anyone have any ideas as to safe and green disposal of bacon grease?

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