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Scooter Pie | Aug 3, 2003 10:23 PM

This comes up every so often -- and I've gone back to read earlier threads. But I'd still like some fresh input -- I'm going to the Sierras for three days, two nights (maybe 3 nights) at the end of this week.

I've bought some summer sausage, and I'm perfectly happy using packaged mac and cheese while out camping (I got it from TJ's, so it's got some 'hound street cred!). I mix it up with some of those dried veggies and those pouches of tuna. Maybe I'll also mix in the summer sausage. I'm thinking of bringing some pita or naan -- maybe some olives for the first night "happy hour." We'll also be making quesadillas, with someone else bringing the tortillas and cheese, so I'll need to bring some other filling.

Any other lightweight suggestions for lunches/dinners on subsequent days? Specifically, what kinds of cheese won't go bad? I always get nervous about meat and cheese going bad without refrigeration, but my backpacking companions usually show up with all kinds of meat and cheese goods that look better than anything I've brought...

Thanks in advance

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