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Anyone who think baby octopus is well at harmony with pasta, especially tomato sauce on the top???

hae young | Sep 22, 200903:23 AM

hey. i yesterday experimented my tomato pasta by mixing it with squid( not live but seemed-to -be-still-fresh). i copyied the way mario batlai did with his baby octopus ( the cookbook : babbo ).
in my taste, it wasnt good enough. i did this because i assumed the baby octopus ( which is not a right season in my location untill it becomes april ) are quiet simmilar with squid in many ways )
i dont know whether my assumtion is right or wrong.
is there anyone of you who do the pasta with baby octopus in tomato sauce?
if so, did it taste al right or a little bland?
i felt this result the same as the occsion i did the pasta with frozen raw shrimp, bought from Costco.
evn though i like the frozen uncooked shrimp, i didnt find it particulary good with pasta and tomato sauce on the top of it.
but the taste of partially cooked fresh lobster and then fully cooked in tomato pasta was very good unlike that of the shrimp tomato pasta.
so i suspect there might be a little diffrence between that of squid and of baby octopus.
what do you think?

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