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Babbo cookbook in real life


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Babbo cookbook in real life

Sarah C | Oct 10, 2002 10:03 AM

Last weekend I resolved to make something for dinner from the Babbo cookbook. I started leafing through, and discovered that nearly every recipe calls for ingredients that are difficult or impossible to find here in New Orleans -- lamb's tongue, duck liver, half a hog's head, etc. One recipe, for a ragout of pork shoulder with mint pasta, seemed attainable, but I realized I would probably have to delay the project to a later date because my local supermarket is unlikely to carry pork shoulder (proved true, later in the day) and a trip to our very tiny and overcrowded Whole Foods would be required to obtain the herbs, since mine have succumbed to mold after a summer of high humidity and heat. I can probably find the pork shoulder, but it will require some time to forage. Eventually I resorted to Mario's earlier book and made spinach and ricotta ravioli with pine nuts, dried tomatoes, and pecorino.

The point is that unless you live in a metropolitan area where exotic ingredients are easily available, the Babbo cookbook is not very practical. (You would think New Orleans would have lots of gourmet grocery shopping, but unfortunately that's not the case.) But I love looking at the pictures, and I definitely want to eat at Babbo if I ever get to New York.

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