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Awful sushi experience in STL


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Awful sushi experience in STL

rexmo | Aug 29, 2007 05:23 AM

Worst sushi ever at the Lucky House in St. Peters, near Mid Rivers Mall. I guess I should have known better when I looked at the menu and it was sushi and Chinese food. Maybe the laminated sushi menu and dry erase marker should have been a clue. What I didn'e expect was to wait for more than an hour after ordering for food to arrive in a place less than half full.

The server's excuse when she did bring our order was that the chef was "waiting on rice". These are 3 words I didn't expect to hear my whole life in any Asian restaurant, especially a sushi joint.

The rice was not worth the wait. I don't know whether the chef doesn't know that sushi rice is supposed to be fanned while it cools, or if he thought that he could cool it faster by using more sushi syrup, but the rice reminded me of a snow cone. It was dripping with unabsorbed syrup. Not good. So much sugar that no amount of soy sauce would cut the sweet. No discernible salt seasoning the syrup used.

Fish portions were reminiscent of the local Chinese buffets that put out sushi. Rolls and nigiri were assembled without any wasabi. I don't know if the chef's estimation was that your average customer in that neighborhood is unable to stand wasabi, but the guideline I have read somewhere to avoid wasabi in your soy and rely on the chef to season it for you really didn't work here. Liberal addition of wasabi to the soy didn't help with my mouth coated with sugary syrup.

Two rolls ordered without cucumbers came with. Just guessing here, but I think the rolls were formed with less than ideal pressure, to avoid the syrup oozing out. When the rolls were relieved of their cucumbers, they weren't tight enough to hold up to dipping.

The pinnacle of the experience had to be the pieces with eel that were glazed with sweet terikaki resembling sauce. The sauce was thick, pale, and lacking in any discernible character other than sweet. All it needed was a Bam! from Emeril's powedered sugar shaker to complete the effect, although that would probably have seeded the supersaturation and caused the whole gloppy mess to crystallize into one large lump of sugar. Ick.

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