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AWESOME description + recipes for Vietnamese curries (including an article on Viet curry goat/Cari De!!)

Mike Tyson | Jan 19, 200806:07 PM

==South Vietnamese Cuisine==
Thanks due to the Indian as well as the Champa Kingdom influences in South Vietnam, curry has become a staple in many Vietnamese households. Often the meats chosen for curries in Vietnam vary depending on the region and family. The most common meats cooked in curry in Vietnamese cuisine are chicken, beef brisket, goat, and to an extent seafood (shrimp, squid, crab, certain fish)

For curry chicken (Cari Ga), it either has a similar taste and texture to the sweet coconut laced curries of nearby Thailand. Or the chicken curry can be stir fried and taste more like curries from the Caribbean. Cooked in the curry broth alongside the chicken, one can often find potatoes/cassava, onions, escallions, and garlic. Curry chicken in Vietnam is most often eaten with white rice.

As for curry beef brisket (Cari Bo) in South Vietnam, it is often found steamed + stewed in a large pot.
The ingredients in this aromic stew often includes; bay leaves, cinnimon sticks, chopped onions, chopped carrots, cassava or white potatoes, coriender, tumeric, black pepper, and a dash of salt. Curry beef brisket in South Vietnam is often eaten with white rice or, you can also find a lot of Vietnamese family members using French Bread for dipping and soaking the flavourful stew.

Curry goat (Cari De) in Vietnam is eaten more on the occasion rather than the norm. It is cooked similar to the curry beef brisket stew however, some families like to add a hint of coconut milk during the cooking process. French bread or rice are once again the popular choices that accompany this dish. Some people also enjoy it w/Vermicelli noodles.

*It should also be noted Vietnamese love eating lots of fresh herbs (basil, mint, coriender) + steamed veggies with their meals.

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Vietnamese curry goat ^ Cari De ;)

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