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Avocado Ice Cream report...not quite there yet

Carb Lover | Jun 7, 200505:05 PM

After making and enjoying a luscious avocado milkshake, I was dreaming about it in ice cream form and asked about a couple of recipes on Epicurious (see link). I envisioned the next big ice cream trend. So big that I could mass produce the stuff, monopolize the avocado ice cream market, buy a house w/ expansive ocean views, and retire early on my riches. Ice cream makes me grandiose/insane in these ways. Well, that may not happen for a while...

Pictured below was what I produced on my first attempt. And my pictures do not lie. The grayish green hue looked pretty unappetizing, and while the flavor "grew" on me, it wasn't instant nirvana like I played out in my mind. An icy chunk still sits in my fridge awaiting disposal.

I didn't trust the avocado gelato recipe from Gourmet so made up my own. What I did: In blender, blended together 3 ripe, medium-sized, Hass avocadoes; 2 c. whole milk; 1/2 c. heavy cream; 1/2 c. sugar; juice of 1 lime; dash of vanilla. Tasted it. Sweet enough but flavor was too "heavy" w/ a cloying vegetal quality...like when I eat too many raw carrots at once. It needed more perking up, so I risked adding the juice of another lime. Tasted brighter and more balanced. Consistency was like a thick milkshake. Cooled and then churned in my ice cream maker. Chilled further before eating.

Impressions: Pretty good balance in flavor, but every once in a while the lime would stand out in a bite and create chaos in my mouth. Blech. Creamy but could tell there weren't any stabilizers. Color was drab; I'm tempted to add a little green food coloring next time. Grew on me halfway through, whereas husband refused to eat it after a couple of bites.

What I learned for next time:
1. Avocado quality is key. I used the ones from Trader Joe's which have been pathetic lately. I would only use Hass from my farmer's market.
2. Use a little less lime juice.
3. Will only use whole milk (perhaps Straus) since avocadoes are rich enough.
4. May have to buy some food coloring. Never bought before, so any recs?

So my fortune will have to wait until I perfect this recipe. Any suggestions appreciated. Any thoughts on whether simmering the avocado custard would minimize the raw, vegetal quality? If it doesn't come together next time around, I'm just going back to the good ole milkshake. Maybe it needs all that ice to counter the richness, so perhaps I should try the avocado ice recipe. Avocadoes are way too precious to waste...

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