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Avatar ID missing in "My Chow"


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Avatar ID missing in "My Chow"

LindaWhit | May 31, 2007 10:16 AM

Not sure if it's just me, but I just noticed that if I put my cursor over an avatar in My Chow, it doesn't give me the name of the person who is either reading me or who I'm reading. I'm forced to click an avatar to see who it belongs to.

However, this same issue does not happen when I do put my cursor over any avatar in the "Who's Talking" box in a regular post.

I'm **pretty sure** the avatar ID used to work in "My Chow". If it didn't, seems completely useless to me.

But then again, I personally think the avatars are a waste without having a name under it in "Who's Talking" so we DON'T have to scroll over it to see who is writing something in a Gazillion+ post thread. But I've already railed against them when they were first introduced, and fat lot of good that did. :-)

Anyway - is the Missing Avatar ID in My Chow a technical glitch?

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