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Authentic or not authentic gets thrown around quite a bit around here.

diyeiogt | Nov 1, 201108:10 PM

I am new to this forum, and I have been perusing some older posts and discussions, and have noticed a lot of discussions about whats authentic or not, especially in regards to one place.

In particular, there seems to be much debate on whether Las Cuatro Milpas is "authentic" Mexican food.

Mexico is a very large country, and what might be authentic to some, might not be to others, so I think that leads to disagreement.

I'm Mexican, I grew up in Mexico, and I find it odd that some people say that their tacos dorados, flautas, tamales, frijoles con chorizo, and burritos, are not authentic. REALLY??

First of all, it doesn't get much more authentic than a taco. Fried items are sold ALL over Mexico, from little sidewalk stands to fondas (small, comfort food restaurants) and large restaurants.

Just because the food sold at Las Cuatro Milpas isn't as fancy or intricate as mole, chiles en nogada, cochinita pibil or birria, doesn't make them un-authentic.

My grandma, who didn't live a day in the United States, made, among many other things, tacos dorados, flautas, frijoles charros (beans with chorizo added in), and tamales, her whole life.

Those types of food, and the types of foods sold at LCM are mainly Northern-Mexico style comfort foods, and no less authentic just because that type of cooking has been adopted and popularized by American culture, especially here in the border.

So I'd just like to say, that, as a Mexican guy that has grown up and traveled in Mexico, the food at LCM is authentic Mexican food, and damn good at that. Those flour tortillas beat the pants off any tortilla in this city and they surely compete with any other tortilla throughout Mexico, they are that good. Sure, the food is greasy, but most Mexican fried comfort-food is greasy, so if you're not used to it, you will probably recoil.

Just my dos centavos.

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