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August 2007 - Grocery outlet


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August 2007 - Grocery outlet

zippo | Aug 2, 2007 08:48 PM

jogged through Oakland Grocery Outlet at Broadway and 29th Street this afternoon:

-Godiva Ice Cream bars, 3 bars in a box, 9 oz., $1.49, white chocolate & rasberry swirl bar in a Godiva coating. didn't get it but sure looked good.

-Casual Gourmet Chicken Sausage w/Roasted Peppers & 5 Cheese Blend, 3 lbs (15 links), $5.99, fully cooked, no nitrates, no nitrites, no MSG, no antibiotics, fully cooked, in a pork casing, 9 grams total fat per 3 oz. link. From Monterey Gourmet Foods in Salinas. Expiration date Aug 25, 2007. good tasting sausage for about $2/lb. lots of packages.

- Brown Cow Lemon Nonfat Yogurt, 32 oz., $.99, expiration date is Aug 16, 2007. They also had a blueberry regular yogurt. The cartons were going fast while I was there and not many left. from Brown Cow Farm in Antioch. all natural w/ live cultures. tastes good. I got this instead of the Godiva bars.

- SOYUM Chocolate SoyMilk, 32 oz. carton, 3 cartons for $1. no kidding. Made with organic soybeans. lowfat, about 2.5 grams fat per 8 oz. serving. the expiration date says 'July 07' so it's possible that it's slightly past date but at 33 cents per box, you could buy a hundred and take a bath in it. They were located on a shelf above the freezers, not in the deli sections. bought 6 and will use it in my coffee and they should last until Halloween.

Didn't see any new beers except for a minikeg (Coors?).

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