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Attn: Pastry chefs/experts- question re glaze, ganache


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Attn: Pastry chefs/experts- question re glaze, ganache

tokyoastrogirl | Mar 1, 2004 04:40 PM


I am trying to figure out how to make a chocolate or white chocolate glaze/ganache/candy coating for some mini cakes I am making. I tried over the weekend, but could NOT get the chocolate to harden, nor was it thick enough. I am guessing my main mistake was using Gheradelli White Chocolate chips instead of Bakers (may be more choco %?) but I really don't know the difference between glaze, ganache, or that harder candy=like coating. I'll try to explain:

I am making mini cakes- layers of sponge and layers of cream. I want to coat the entire thing (except the bottom) with a white chocolate coating that will stick to the sides as well as the top and harden-it doesn't have to be too hard....maybe thin and brittle enough to crack with your fork to eat it. I also want it to camoflauge the green cake and purple cream (it's Japanese- green tea sponge and sweet red bean/cream). So it will look like a perfect, white little round cake. Can you help me with this? I have had trouble with coatings in the past- either too matte, not hard enough or too thin. If any pastry chef or expert can explain the difference to me, I would really appreciate it. Also tips on making the lightest sponge possible- I used the warm sponge method but had a hard time getting the melted butter to distribute in the batter, resulting in spots of butter in the baked cake. I don't want meringue layers- I want airy, light sponge...not unlike a twinkie.


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