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First attempt at layered cake - Lots of questions!


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First attempt at layered cake - Lots of questions!

david_ipse | Apr 3, 2013 10:54 AM

Hello world—

My friend's birthday is this Saturday and I want to make her a birthday cake. Here are my limitations (besides it being a first timer):

- Many of the guests are of the health conscious kind (which is great), and I don't like buttercream anyway, so I need other options for frosting and filling the cake.

- Lemon and raspberry are my friend's favorite flavors, so I want to make something with those; touch of mint too because it's my favorite flavor :D

- The only cake pan I have is a 9x13 rectangular one, with a ridged bottom and stained sides and bottom, so I'd have to cover the whole thing with parchment (do I still grease the parchment? If so, both sides?): http://shop.circulon.com/store/p/513-...

Following is my plan. I could use any make ahead tips you guys have (how long can I refrigerate each component, which ones do I need to make close to serving time, etc.), and also any opinions on whether these layers will work out or if I need to change something. And also any good recipes you have for any of the components.

1: Raspberry meringue (plain vanilla meringue with pureed berries added)
2: Raspberry curd (studded, maybe, with banana slices, because I really like the textural variety they add to cakes when used as filling—or would this be out of place + not keep very well over a day?)
3: Lemon / Poppy Seed sponge cake
5: Thin layer of raspberry fruit leather; or should I use a glaze like this (how would I add raspberry flavor?): http://berry-lovely.blogspot.com/2011...
4: Decorations: Stabilized whipped cream with lemon and mint extracts and rose water, + fresh raspberries, + julienned mint
5: And if I feel like it the day of, some spun sugar to top it off

I don't think I'll frost the sides. Now would the meringue work with the cake?

Thanks everyone. Whew

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