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My Attempt at Gnudi


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My Attempt at Gnudi

sivyaleah | Apr 24, 2006 09:29 AM

So, I'm watching Lidia a couple of weeks ago and she's making gnudi, which basically are the inside of a ravioli, but cooked like a gnocchi, i.e.; no pasta, just the filling as a pasta.

I couldn't find a definitive recipe, all of them seemed just a tad different from each other, and ranged from 12 services to 2 servings. Some w/tomato sauces, some with butter/sage.

So, I tweaked things to come up with a serving for 2 which in the end, could have served 3 easily, or even 4 if it were a side dish, which is what I did as I served it with grilled sweet Italian sausage and some roasted baby carrots and cauliflower. A rather hearty meal LOL.

We really enjoyed these, they were light and delicate. Bascially it is spinach, ricotta, parmasean reggiano, egg yolk, nutmeg, S&P and some flour to hold it into a dough. You shape them into logs, cut like gnocchi and boil for a few minutes.

I served them in a butter/sage/chicken stock sauce (Lidia's recipe). Very tasty. The gnudi were seasoned pretty well - we both thought it could have used a tad more parmasean (which I had already increased). You need to be careful about how much flour you add, it doesn't really need that much (I think I only used 1/4 cup) and I can see where it could get an unpleasant floury taste if you go overboard (I think I was on the cusp of that happening).

We had leftovers, not sure how'll they will stand up to reheating. A few started falling apart while sauteing them in the pan, but over gentle heat they should be ok.

I don't know if I'd go through the bother of making them again, but I became obsessed with trying them. I'm glad I tried I'm not sure if the remainder of our extended families would enjoy them as much as we personally did. Kept me busy on a rainy Sunday :-)


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