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How do I attain perfectly domed cupcakes?


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How do I attain perfectly domed cupcakes?

La Dolce Vita | Jul 13, 2003 01:14 PM

I love to bake all kinds of cakes, including cupcakes. My favorite cake book is Rose Levy Beranbaum's "Cake Bible" because I get consistently delicious results from her recipes.

The problem is, whenever I make cupcakes, as per her instructions, they turn out rather flat on top--no nice round dome crowning the cupcake. Lack of a dome is good when it comes to layer cakes, but to my eye, cupcakes simply look more scrumptious with a higher, rounded top. I've tried fiddling with the amount of baking powder, but no luck. I get a top that spreads too much over the top of the pan, like an over-grown mushroom. The only time I've gotten the dome I'm seeking is with supermarket cake mixes. But they taste yucky, and I'd rather master the technique from scratch.

Does anybody know how I can achieve a perfectly domed cupcake? Is the secret in how much you fill the cupcake tins, or do I need a particular recipe altogether?

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