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Why I don't like to use the "attach photo" option


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Why I don't like to use the "attach photo" option

Carb Lover | Mar 26, 2007 09:57 PM

Let me first say that I appreciate the CH team's efforts to respond to user feedback since the second relaunch and that some changes have made a world of difference. Let me also say that, as an avid photo poster and general proponent of photos on this site, I also appreciate the efforts to add a photo posting feature. I tried to take advantage of this option in the beginning, but I've decided that I just don't like it and haven't been using it much for the following reasons:

1. The photos are all clustered on the bottom of the post. No option to embed within text.

2. The images are exactly the same size as the avatars. Since I don't have an avatar (or have chosen "white space" as my avatar), it's easy to overlook my photo unless I highlight it in some way so people will more likely notice and click to enlarge. Even if I had an avatar, it's easy to miss.

3. The max of four photos is limiting. I sometimes need to add more to illustrate a process or series of dishes within a meal.

4. Loading even two photos seems to take too much time on my computer. Much quicker to upload to other sites and then add those links in my text.

5. Photos seem to still be getting cropped. I posted one photo this AM on the HC board and it cropped off the sides. Not aesthetically pleasing...

6. No ability to add descriptive captions to photos.

There may be other reasons that I'm forgetting, but I'm having the most issues w/ the above. I'm fine to continue using my old method of linking to other sites, but it seems a shame that this feature can't be better utilized or improved upon. Thought you might like to know...thanks for listening.

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