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What I ate in Northampton


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What I ate in Northampton

danna | Oct 26, 2004 04:46 PM

Brasserie 40-A

Second trip. Still very good. I think the quality of the entrees is better than my foodie radar would imply from the looks of the restaurant and the menu. Not that there's anything wrong with either, but I am really impressed w/ the food. I had a good but rather plain salad followed by an entree of FANTASTIC, perfectly cooked scallops. They surrounded a rice cake which was made from translucent, not quite cooked sushi(?) rice which had apparently been cooked in coconut milk(or water) was very coconut flavored, but not sauced and not fried. Very unusual and good. That was topped the tops of several basil branches...also an all basil salad w/ a creamy dressing. There was an orange vinaigrette and mandarin orange slices on the scallops, which scared me at first, I don't see why with the quality of the other ingredients they couldn't have sectioned a real live orange. That was my only minor complaint. Oh, except that the dessert I loved last time was not on the menu anymore and the one I ordered was merely good.

Del Raye

Yes, I was going to go to Green Street, or Circa, or perhaps Table 9 as had been suggested. But it was raining and dark and getting late and I'm still not 100% comfortable w/ finding my way around, so...I chose my restaurant based on ease of parking. Hounds forgive me. I'm turning into my parents and will probably show up at Red Lobster around 5:00 pm one day soon.

Anyhow, the bread was very good as usual (that may have influenced my decision as well) The service was also very good, the waiter brought me two tastes of Pinot Noir so I could select my one glass w/ dinner. Very patient of him. Unfortunatley he talked me out of the green apple gazpacho, seemed to suspect I didn't know it was a cold soup, and pushed the grilled calamari. It was borderline. My grilled salmon entree in spicy coconut broth also had an off flavor. I realized it was only the edges that touched the grill. I think they desparately needed to clean the grill. Ick. Although it was not an unpleasant dinner since wine and bread is all I really want out of life anyway, it was certainly the worst meal I've had at Del Raye.


Sorry to be a downer again... but this is good ice cream, not outstanding, IMO. If I'm going to eat fat grams I want creamy, creamy mouth-feel, and this had a bit of ice cyrstal crunch to it. I had the burnt sugar and butter.

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