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Asian snack food

rworange | Jan 20, 2007 06:16 PM

Someone was looking in Manhattan for haw flakes and another poster responded about a few local Hong Kong snack shops ...

"Hong Kong snack shop Aji Ichiban in Chinatown sells an enormous variety of haw snacks. They have little bowls of the snacks so you can taste before you buy ... "

"As well as haw snacks, Aji Ichiban has various plum and sweet olive based snacks, all of them somewhat perplexing to my Western tastebuds although a friend of mine loves these plums which look as if they are coated in hay but actually it is tiny bits of licorice. The taste is dissonant yet makes you crave more."

That sounds interesting ... especially the part about being able to do taste tests.

I don't think we have anything like that in SF that allows tasting, so I'm looking for suggestions on what might be good in Asian markets.

About the only thing I've tried are dried plums. Anything else that would be interesting to look for and try?

P.S. I'd also appreciate links to any snack topics anyone might remember. I swear I've read Asian snack topics, but search wasn't turning up anything.

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