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Asian Frozen Dumplings: Are They Equivalent to Microwaveable Frozen Dinners?

Chemicalkinetics | Feb 9, 201508:57 AM     24

I like frozen dumplings ok, but I never liked them the same level as some of my college roommates did.

Looking back, some of my college friends and grad school friends use the frozen dumplings as quick easy meals, much like typical supermarket mirowaveable frozen meals. I think one of my roommate ate the frozen dumplings almost about 5-8 times a week (about 1/3rd to 1/2rd of his meals).

Basically, these:


instead of these:


Frozen dumplings take about the same time to cook. Typical microwavable frozen dinners take about ~5-15 min min to prepare. Frozen dumplings can be prepared in boiling water or steaming or pan fried. Boiling in water will take about 5-8 min to make. I guess frozen dumplings are usually more affordable.

So do you consider frozen dumplings like the typical frozen meals? What do you see as similar and what do you see as different? Do you think these frozen meals and frozen dumplings are hurting people from learning to cook and also create poor diet? Or would you say... "Well, these frozen dumplings and frozen mirowaveable meals are still better than KFC and McDonald"?

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