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Asian desserts...why don't I like them?

Morticia | Apr 7, 2008 09:36 PM

I have been wondering for a long time why it is that, although I love Asian food of all types (Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese - and of course, those of India, the land of my father) - but I can't stand Asian desserts. Excluding those pseudo-Asian dishes like fried banana with coconut ice cream that are standard and geared to Western tastes, Asian desserts seem to be an acquired taste that I just cannot seem to acquire. Is it just me?
As a child, and even teenager, I remember literally running away (or at least, slipping away) when it came time for dessert at my parents' Indian friends and relatives' dinner parties. Gulab jamun? Rasgulla? Barfi? No thanks! (But since most Indians think you are just being polite, they won't let you say no, hence the need to disappear before they try to talk you into "just a taste!")
Another time we were dining at a Japanese friend's house, and all was great until it came to the dessert: an "off-sweet" adzuki bean pudding, with a rice flour dumpling that my sisters and I swore expanded as you chewed it. Actually, since most Chinese and Japanese desserts are made with Adzuki beans and are either not sweet at all or super sweet to the point of cloying, I haven't yet been able to find one I can eat.
My (Indian) grandparents hated chocolate, so is it strictly cultural? (I was brought up in the US, but have spent a lot of time in India, so I am not sure why it is that I love the savories, but the sweets seem so alien...) Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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