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Asia Cafe Menu Item Comparison

rudeboy | May 21, 2007 09:50 AM

I've had the following with my work lunch crew:
Spicy Fish and Spicy Beef
Roast Duck/Szechuan Duck
Dumplings (Zhong, regular, fried)
Wonton soup/spicy wonton
Spicy beef noodle soup
Pork and mustard green soup
Singapore noodle
Twice cooked pork
Kung Pao Chicken
Salt and pepper pork-stuffed eggplant
Bitter melon with beef
Salt and pepper pork chop
Salt and pepper shrimp
Spicy Green Beans
Mysterious shrimp dish that wasn't on the menu - excellent, but I don' t know how to order

If anyone hasn't had those and wants info, just ask. I will say that I don't like bitter melon, the salt and pepper shrimp were disappointing (explained previously), and the Kunp Pao chicken was very bland and uninteresting. The salt and pepper pork chop was good, but basically bones with a little mean and quite a bit of fat. They were like prok cracklings with bones. I still liked them. I've loved everything else. I think that I'm forgetting some dishes as well.

Things that I want to order but with a new crew cause I can't with a conservative work crew:
Fish Filet with Sour Mustard
Corn with bell pepper
Fried pork with green chile
Periwinkle Meat (escargot) with green chive or pther
Seaweed, tofu, and salted egg soup
Mango Jumbo Shrimp
Crispy Fish
Hot and spicy rabbit
Sweet and sour lotus root
Shredded potato with bell pepper
Shredded pork with flower chive
And, yes, DON PO Pork Elbow
Taiwanese Stir-Fried Rice Noodle
General Tso's chicken - (I predict disappointment, but I have an urge to see what they do with this dish).

Or anything else off menu. What does

Has anyone had any of these dishes, and can you comment? What does JIAO MA and DON PO mean?

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